Tlholo Victory Financial Services

Doing The Right Things Right!


Thite Titi is the founder and current CEO of Tlholo Victory Financial Services, an authorized financial services provider underwritten by Bright Rock Life Ltd. The company offers simple and relevant funeral insurance covers to the market, tailored to meet the specific needs of the communities in which they operate. They also offer professional and dignified funeral services to their clients.

His decision to start Tlholo Victory was inspired by a lack of openness, transparency and honesty which characterized the manner in which the funeral services industry was mainly conducted. He resolved to establish a company that would disrupt the status quo, the company that would recognize, promote and protect the rights of its clients whilst at the same time pursuing an objective of profit maximization. The name Tlholo Victory resonates with that spirit.

Through Thite Titi's vision Tlholo Victory has grown to 9 Offices and 2 state of the art Mortuaries with a strong membership of more than 32 000 main members. Part of his vision is for Tlholo Victory to become a one-stop funeral services business catering for all the funeral needs of its clients under one roof. His participative style of leadership coupled with his firm belief in the capabilities of the company's work force, creates a conducive environment for each employee to realise his full potential.

Walking and hiking are integral to Thite Titi's life. He also enjoys reading in the quite of the night, his favourite books of all time being The Pursuit by Dexter Yager and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen Covey.

Thite Titi's advice to up and coming young business people:
"Focus on the task at hand and make it a habit to pursue a goal relentlessly until it is achieved. Always remember that winners don’t quit!"